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Where can I get spare parts for my Cynortic Filter

January 12, 2017 We take a couple of calls each week from Waterguard customers in Australia looking to purchase replacement filter sets, uv lamps and other spare parts for their waterguard gold, silver, platinum and amalgum models. With customers unable to purchase from Cynortic in New Zealand any longer, the good news is that Filtermate, who builds whole house water filters in Australia stocks an ‘almost complete’ list of spare parts along with ... Click here to read more or ask a question

Maintaining your Water Guard Filter Unit

July 18, 2016 We often get asked  about maintenance of your Water Guard whole house water filter.  Perhaps you have lost the instruction manual or you have moved into a new house that already has one fitted.  The good news is that Waterguard Water filters are have been designed for ease of maintenance and service. To ensure your system operates correctly it is important to: Check pressure gauges once a month – depending on ... Click here to read more or ask a question

How to clean the Quartz Sleeve on a Water Guard Filter

June 23, 2016 Your UV light lamp is inserted into a quartz sleeve. This quartz sleeve should be removed every 3 – 6 months and any dirt build-up on the outside removed.  Here is the best way to go about it… Remove UV light lamp first. Unscrew the front and back end screw caps on the ends of the UV cylinder. Carefully remove the O-ring which holds the quartz sleeve in place from the left hand side ... Click here to read more or ask a question