Maintaining your Water Guard Filter Unit

We often get asked  about maintenance of your Water Guard whole house water filter.  Perhaps you have lost the instruction manual or you have moved into a new house that already has one fitted.  The good news is that Waterguard Water filters are have been designed for ease of maintenance and service. To ensure your system operates correctly it is important to:

  1. Check pressure gauges once a month – depending on the quality of your incoming water, the filters will remove dirt, sediment and other matters and after some time will start to clog up and restrict the water flow. This will be indicated by an increasing differential of the readings between the three pressure gauges. If the differential is becoming greater than 10 PSI between incoming to outgoing water, it is time for you to clean or exchange your filters.
  2. Clean first pleated filter once a month – the first pleated filter cartridge filters all large sediment and can be cleaned by simply removing and spraying with a jet of water
  3. Replace all filters at least once every 3-6 months – microbes can actually survive in the filters so, depending upon the quality of the water supply, the filters should be changed regularly
  4. Replace your UV-Light Bulb(s) once every year or when failing – UV globes lose their efficacy over time and whilst they may last longer than 12 months, there is no guarantee that they are still delivering the required dose of UVC radiation
  5. Clean Quartz Sleeve regularly – subject to calcium levels and hardness of water, the quartz sleeve can become coated and should be cleaned to maintain the required UVC dose

Finally, we carry a full range of consumables and many spare parts, so if you have any issues, pick up the phone or contact us online.

One comment on “Maintaining your Water Guard Filter Unit

  • im using your system in New Zealand, i found your website is under-construction, my UV system requires maintenance, and change the filter, how can i contact your NZ after-sale department.


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