Where can I get spare parts for my Cynortic Filter

We take a couple of calls each week from Waterguard customers in Australia looking to purchase replacement filter sets, uv lamps and other spare parts for their waterguard gold, silver, platinum and amalgum models. With customers unable to purchase from Cynortic in New Zealand any longer, the good news is that Filtermate, who builds whole house water filters in Australia stocks an ‘almost complete’ list of spare parts along with the original Philips UV lamps and filter sets for the Waterguard units from Cynortic.  If you can’t find the part you are after on their site – www.filtermate.com.au – then give them a call on 08 93357361.

Below are links to the specific spare parts you may need:

Service Kit for Waterguard Gold (includes 3 x filters, 75w lamp and seals) –

Service Kit for Waterguard Silver (includes 3 x filters, 75w lamp and seals) –

Filter Kit for Waterguard Gold, Silver, Platunum and Amalgum – (includes5 micron pleaded, CTO and 1 micron Polyprop)

UV Lamp for Waterguard Gold and Platinum (75W)

UV Lamp for Waterguard Silver  (40W)

UV Lamp for Waterguard Amalgum (130W)

Quartz Sleeve for Waterguard Gold Silver and Platinum (T5)

Quartz Sleeve for Waterguard Amalgum (T6)

Filtermate will ship units right around the country.

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