WaterGuard Whole House Filter Systems

WaterGuard WA is the Australian based importer and agent for Water Guard Whole House Water Filtration and UV Sterilisation Systems. Waterguard filters are developed and manufactured by Cynortic Ltd, of Tauranga, New Zealand.

The Water Guard combines traditional sediment filtration with Ultra Violet Germicidal treatment to provide a cost effective choice in household water quality:

WaterGuard WA proudly offers this proven water purification system to Western Australian and National clients at competitive pricing. More than 5000 units have been sold across New Zealand and Australia, giving Australian families protection from chemical toxins and microbial diseases, whilst also improving water taste and removing unpleasant odours and discolouration.

WaterGuard –  what is most precious to you – your family

Protect your entire household from waterborne bacteria, toxins and chemicals.

  • Clean, clear drinking water – always
  • Safe from cysts, microbes and other bacterial impurities
  • Save on your water costs by using your rain water tank for your whole house
  • Pure, natural and free from chemicals and toxins

Water from tanks and dams often contain faeces from birds, bats and other wildlife. Insects and leaves can further discolour and taint your water. Sediment in the pipes can clog up your appliances, reducing the lifespan of washing machines, coffee machines, dishwasher etc.

Water from your borehole may contain many other unpleasant surprises, groundwater is regularly affected by pollutants such as fertilizers, agricultural chemicals and sprays and livestock manure.

Your Municipal Water Supply contains chemicals such as chlorine or chloramine, fluoride, all of which may have cumulative toxic effects on your body.